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New! From Os Hillman

Learn to speak blessings over your professional life and uphold Christian values in the workplace as you enjoy both biblical and modern-day stories of people living out Scripture and manifesting God’s promises on earth.


Do you know how to gain breakthroughs by SPEAKING to your mountain?

Learn how to
"Speak to Your Mountain!"
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The Bible has a lot to say about the power of our words and why we are to decree a matter. "Thou shalt also decree a thing, and it shall be established unto thee: and the light shall shine upon thy ways." - Job 22:28

Join me for this informative new teaching on how to use spoken words to gain breakthroughs in your daily life.
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Webinar is based on Os Hillman's latest book that is sure to be your favorite new devotional book.

 Bring the power of God to your workplace.The majority of our waking hours are spent at work, but few of us understand how to use the Word of God in our professional lives to help us succeed and have impact.

31 Decrees of Blessing for Your Work Life provides thirty-one covenant promises for you to decree and claim over your company, team members, community, and family.

Each day includes: encouraging devotion based upon a spiritual truth found in Scripture,
...ten empowering decrees to root you in the certainty of God’s blessings,
...relevant Bible passages to enrich your understanding, and activation to mobilize your faith.

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Who is Os Hillman?
Os Hillman is an internationally recognized speaker, author, and consultant on the subject of faith at work. Hillman has written 24 books on faith and work-related subjects and a daily workplace email devotional entitled TGIF - Today God Is First that is read by several hundred thousand people daily in 105 countries. Os is married to Pamela and they live in north Atlanta.
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